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Playing To Build the Mind | North York Piano Lessons

Piano study produces bigger and better functioning brains, a benefit to people of any age.

Playing piano expands the mind-North york Piano Lessons

A parent would be considered foolish if he or she said that they don’t want the best for their child. Of course you want your child to have every advantage possible. Piano lessons are one of those things that can help a child get a leg up.

This might seem surprising to some. However, numerous studies have proven a connection between music and other factors. Lessons provide much more than just the ability to play piano. They influence many other aspects of a child’s life. What things can piano lessons help with? Here are just a few.

What Piano Lessons Do for Children

  1. Taking piano lessons to children teaches patience.
  2. Taking piano lessons teaches discipline.
  3. Taking piano lessons inspires creativity.
  4. Learning piano promotes the habit of goal-mindedness.
  5. Piano studios provide a relaxing, yet structured environment.
  6. Taking piano lessons strengthens problem-solving ability.
  7. Taking piano lessons helps build confidence in children, especially as they progress in their skills.
  8. Playing piano has been linked to reducing stress.
  9. Playing piano helps increase fine motor skills.
  10. Taking piano lessons helps provide a love for a variety of music.


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Why Lessons Are Important

Some children are just naturally gifted when it comes to music. These exceptional few are just able to play and do it well. They still might have formal training, but their natural ability shines through mostly. However, this type of ability is present in only a small minority. Most children need lessons.

Lessons are important because children learn to read music this way. Not only that, they learn each individual key and, later on, learn how to put the keys together in order to create music. They might just play songs that have already been written. They might end up creating something of their very own.

Lessons help children become self-disciplined. They learn to sit still at the piano for an extended period of time. Along with this, patience comes through. Learning to play piano is not something simple. It will take a great deal of patience to learn the instrument correctly. Patience is something that is valuable in all aspects of life.  Lessons are especially important if the child grows up to be a musician.

Parental Concerns

As with anything, there may be some concerns that parents have about sending their child for piano lessons. One is obviously the cost. Piano lessons can be expensive, but think of it as an investment in your child’s future. If that extra money for lessons meant a better college down the road, it would be worth it.

Another potential concern is the child’s safety. These days, you really cannot be too careful. However, you can monitor your child and the instructor. Asking for a background check is not unreasonable. All in all, the benefits of piano lessons outweigh the risks.


As discussed above, having your child take piano lessons provides numerous benefits.

  • Your child’s motor skills can see significant improvement
  • You child learns several traits (patience, problem solving, self-discipline, setting goals) that help greatly in later life.
  • If your child has natural musical talent, lessons will help encourage growth.
  • Happiness levels go up, stress levels go down.
  • Appreciation for music is increased.


You know all the reasons to get your child started with piano lessons. Now it is time to put some investigation into instructors and put some action behind it. You will be glad you did.

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