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How performance help make you a better piano player

Piano performance provides an opportunity for students to showcase and share what they’ve learned. It can be a fun and truly rewarding experience, whether it’d be an informal performance in front of friends and family, a recital among fellow students or a formal presentation in front of an audience at a festival or competition.


The benefits are very fundamental to becoming a better piano player in many aspects, especially for young students.

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Piano performance motivates students to work towards a set goal. They learn what it means to complete the task of preparing a piece(s) from start to finish, and finessing it for a poised performance. Students are never as self-motivated as when preparing for a recital or presentation. They take ownership of their pieces and therefore become more focused, attentive to teachers instructions, and results-oriented.



They learn what “making music” means: it’s not as simple as just playing through the notes from beginning to end. To be a performer is to be an entertainer — to artistically express and communicate the mood of your piece to the audience, through carefully selected tempo, rhythm, touch, and dynamic expression. What story are you telling with your piano playing?



The idea of getting up to play the piano in front of an audience can be intimidating for many students, especially those who have never done so before. Thorough preparation, diligent practice, and numerous performance rehearsals, even those in class or at home, can help calm nerves, and provide students with the self-assurance to be more comfortable with playing in a more formal setting. The excitement experienced during a piano performance and the sense of accomplishment acquired afterwards are immeasurable for students and parents alike.


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At recitals and festivals, a student will be able to experience and become inspired by other performers’ repertoire, whether the levels and musical genres or styles are at similar or varying levels. Music should also be a social activity – sharing it and engaging with others who are also doing the same is a great way to nurture a long-lasting love and passion for music.


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