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8 best Tips for Piano Performance

Easy Steps to Better Piano Performance

The countdown to our Saturday June 8, 2019 Encore Piano Recital begins – just one day away! We are very excited about the new and larger venue, as well as having videographer on-site to capture all the special moments. I know many of you will be rehearsing today and tomorrow in preparation for the big day. Here are some helpful reminders and tips from class to keep in mind, for your piano performance tomorrow!

To help make the big day and all those in the future easier and more enjoyable we’ve put together this easy to follow list that has helped the instructors at our north york piano studio so much in the past and will likely do the same for you.

Piano Performance
Encore Piano Studios – Annual Recital


Lets make the most of your piano performance


1. LOOK THE PART of a performing pianist. Walk confidently to the piano. Sit up straight on the bench and place your hands on the keys with the best handform possible – focus on having the poise of a performer. Avoid wearing runners, sportswear or jeans. Dress in your best – wear your newest or favorite dress; add a bowtie to your ensemble to spice up your outfit.

2. ADJUST THE BENCH if needed once you approach the piano – the person that performed before you may be taller or shorter than yourself! If you are using the pedal, check with your foot to see if you are sitting at a comfortable distance to reach the pedals.

3. TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE before you play each piece and after the performance. Count “5 mississipi’s” with your hands on your lap. This gives you a chance to prepare for each piece in your mind before performance. What are some of the tips your teacher gave you during your last lesson? Are there any special practice spots or things to look out for and remember?

4. When you place your hands on the piano after the moment of silence, PLAY THE FIRST LINE OR PHRASE OF MUSIC IN YOUR MIND before you begin playing. Imagine the rhythm and tempo, the mood and dynamics during while you hear the music in your head – visualization is a powerful tool!

5. TELL A STORY to the audience with your playing.  When performing for groups of any size start out by thinking about the title and description of the piece provided on the music. What is it about – a character? Are you painting a picture, expressing a feeling, or setting a scene? Remember the most enjoyable and impactful performances are those that tell a story because it really allows the audience to connect with the music, and that goes a long way towards sharing the piece with those listening for what may be the first time.

6. IF YOU MAKE A SLIP, KEEP GOING and pretend it didn’t happen. The best thing to do is to just move on to the next beat, next note or even next phrase if need be. If you continue on and maintain your focus on performing the rest of the piece to your best ability, bets are – no one will even notice or remember that there was a slip. Practice makes perfect in Piano but as in all arts we cant be 100 percent in our presentation so do your best and keep flowing.

7. TAKE A BOW after your piano performance and enjoy the applause – you deserve it!

8. Most importantly HAVE FUN! If you look like you’re having a great time at the piano, so will everyone in the audience that’s listening to you.

*Please note: The recital will begin at 6:30pm. However please do arrive 10-15 minutes prior as we will be seating the students in order of performance in the front 3 rows at 6:20pm.

See you all Saturday, June 8, 2019 in the Armenian Evangelical Church of Toronto at 2600 14th Avenue, Markham!




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