Why Choose Encore Piano Studios

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Learn what makes Encore Music Studios
the industry leader for quality piano instruction

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Encore Music Studios teach more than just piano lessons — commitment, self-discipline, problem solving, creativity and artistic expression, to name a few.

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Our attention to detail and structured classes make it easy for students and parents to get into the flow of things and see results fast.

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We offer flexible classes times along with the option of studying in our fully equipped studio or within the comfort of your own home.

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Help guide your child to their full potential through the study of music.


Encore Piano Studios provides award-winning instruction in a nurturing environment that will enhance your child’s musical experience. Although our North York piano studio specializes in classical training and a structured curriculum, we are also pleased to offer recreational programs that develop strong musical foundation and skills, while exploring a wide variety of musicincluding jazz, pop, world and contemporaryin addition to composition and improvisation.

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You will quickly discover that our private one-on-one piano lessons satisfy the needs of all skill levels, from beginners to high-level Royal Conservatory of Music. Lessons take place once a week and the duration of the lesson will fall in either one of these categories: 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on each students personal goals, age and level of study.

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All of our teachers are RCM or post-secondary certified and regularly undergo Encore training to ensure their methods and practices are up-to-date and congruent with the school standards. This focus on quality ensure that students get the consistent, quality musical education they deserve.

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At Encore Piano Studios we firmly believe the study of piano holds benefits for everyone. We offer unique programs to special needs students while working closely with parents and family to develop a curriculum customized to their individual strengths and challenges.

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Be confident in knowing that whichever goals your child is hoping to accomplish, he or she will enjoy receiving personalized attention while learning to appreciate music.

Sign up today for a free no obligation quick-start session and take the first step to helping your child reach their full musical potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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step 1 – Call us @ 647-222-1660  or fill out the contact form box on http://www.northyorkpianolessons.com to get the ball rolling

step 2 – We schedule your free “Quick-start session” which includes  a free Introductory lesson + Parent / Student Consultation  to ensure we are all working toward the same objective .  

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Our teachers are available to conduct lesson for you in the comfort of your home or our North York piano studio “located just blocks from the intersection of Leslie and finch”.

Offering a great deal of flexibility for students and parents with tight schedules or transportation issues.

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  • once a week
  • private lessons range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the musical goals and RCM level of each student


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  • Yes it is integral to the daily practice
  • Playing on a traditional acoustic piano is ideal, although many opt to start out with the more affordable keyboard – which will suffice for the first few years of lessons as long as touch sensitive to allow for dynamic expression and better yet if it also has weighted keys 
  • The student will eventually need to switch to a piano as the traditional instrument is better suited for developing proper hand and finger strength control that is required for piano technique


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  • age 5 and up is recommended for private piano lessons, though it may be a different situation for each child, depending on their interest level, attention span and ability to communicate
  • an assessment can be made during our complimentary trial session

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  • it’s never too late to learn to play an instrument
  • students of any age (whether seeking a recreational approach or traditional curriculum) iare welcome
  • studying music later in life can reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure
  • it can also improve memory, mental processing, concentration and critical thinking


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  • yes, we actually specialize in this area and prepare many students each term for nationally accredited examinations (both piano and theory) with the Royal Conservatory of Music, for those who choose to follow the RCM curriculum
  • we also prepare students for annual music festivals and competitions, which is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable performance experience

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  • most definitely, we have customized programs for those that wish to explore non-traditional piano music at their own pace – ie. jazz/pop/world music genres, improvisation, arrangement and composition

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What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

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Both of our children, Arek (age 9) and Talar (age 11) enjoy their piano lessons with Bonnie. She is very helpful, kind and patient. She finds ways to explain concepts in kid-friendly ways, while encouraging them to pay attention to details and do their best.

We’d recommend Encore Piano Studios to anyone!


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My daughter Sophia (age 12) has been studying piano with Bonnie for 8 years, and my younger one Serena (age 7) started a few years ago. Sophia has, under Bonnie’s guidance, participated in music competitions, among which she has won several awards, and she has just taken her Gr. 8 RCM piano examinations this past June.  

Encore Piano Studios sets high standards for students, from notes, to body and hand gestures, to each musical detail, but everything is presented in a friendly way, so it’s easy for students to learn. At the same time, Bonnie herself is an excellent pianist seen in her demonstrations, where my kids watch in admiration. I hope my kids can play as well as her one day! There is always beautiful piano music in my home, and it’s thanks to my girls’ great piano teacher Bonnie, who we appreciate so very much!


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Bonnie has been teaching my 11 year-old daughter Briana for the past 4 years. She makes piano fun and interesting by allowing them choose their own contemporary pieces.

Each year, Encore Piano Studios hosts a recital for students, where a variety of genres are played.

I would highly recommend Bonnie as a piano teacher!


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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to contact us at anytime.


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